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It all comes down to a pair of glasses.

That was Patricia Hardesty’s claim in Genesee County Court this afternoon. Hardesty is accused of shooting her husband in the knee last summer after a weekend-long fight.

A hearing was held today to determine whether Hardesty’s statements to police can be used at trial. Hardesty says they cannot, because after her statements were typed up, she couldn’t read them to approve them – because she had the wrong glasses.

Nonetheless, Hardesty says she signed the statements, because State Police Investigator Kenneth Dubrinski was making her upset and she wanted the whole ordeal to end.

“He made me so upset, my insides were shaking,” she said. “At the end of the interrogation, I said to him, ‘Just put whatever you want.’

"I was tired, I hadn’t slept for over 24 hours, and I hadn’t eaten.”

Hardesty does admit she had three or four beers prior to the incident in which she’s accused of shooting her husband.

But she also contradicts the original police report, which states that she and her husband were fighting for days prior to the incident. Hardesty claims: “We were not fighting…he did not embarrass me.”

Judge Robert Noonan took the matter under advisement. The case will resume later this month.

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