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Since early June, three store owners in the City of Batavia have come into work one morning, to find their window broken into, and their safe box gone.

The latest heist was reported at Batavia's Original Pizzeria on East Main Street. According to police, thieves broke in during the nighttime, and made off with a portable safe and an undisclosed amount of cash.

That incident holds similarities with a pair reported in the month of June. The first was at Neptune's Gardens pet store, where the owner believes the burglar used an office chair to roll the heavy safe to a window and dump it into a waiting truck. And at Blondie's Sip & Dip later that month, criminals again broke through a window and stole the heavy safe box.

Batavia Police now say those unsolved burglaries may be connected. Detective Charles Dudek stopped short of tying them together – but he did note that similar circumstances often lead in a similar direction. Dudek could only say he is currently pursuing several leads in those cases.

In the meantime, he says, local store owners should think about keeping less cash on-hand at the store.

"Keep your money in the banks," he says. "When you empty the register at night, make a bank-drop." Dudek says store owners should only leave enough cash to start the next day.

"And leave the register drawer cracked slightly open," he said. "It seems wrong, but if the register is locked shut and someone breaks in, that thing is going to get smashed. And that's another loss to deal with."

Dudek says windows and doors should always be kept secure at night. And while he wouldn't recommend purchasing alarms, he did say they may help deter a thief by scaring them away.

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