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Congresswoman Kathy Hochul said today after a "Congress On Your Corner" event at Batavia City Hall: people have every right to be angry at Washington.

"I didn't see anything in Washington to make them not be angry," Hochul said of her brief stint in Congress between May and August. "Particularly this summer (with the debt crisis)," she added.

Hochul entertained conversation with an audience of about two-dozen at City Hall, after making morning rounds meeting with public officials and business owners. She emphasized her previous campaign points: cut spending, tax the rich, and protect Social Security and Medicare for seniors.

"There's other ways we can help get our deficit under control, without hurting the very people who waited all their lives to be able to enjoy retirement," Hochul said. "Before we touch Social Security...millionaires and billionaires should pay their fair share."

Hochul expressed a desire to remove U.S. military from Middle Eastern conflicts, and repeated her disdain for aiding Pakistan, a country she maintains "is not with us."

Today was Hochul's second appearance on this end of the 26th Congressional District, after
holding a similar event in Attica last week.

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