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The water continues its dramatic rise downstate. Yesterday, 20,000 people were ordered to evacuate from Binghamton. Some had to be airlifted from their own rooftops.
Combined rainfall from Tropical Storms Irene and Lee has drowned many counties to the immediate Northwest of New York City, near the Susquehanna and Chemung Rivers. Governor Andrew Cuomo has stressed the flooding will only get worse.
Elsehwere, as many as 90,000 residents in northern Pennsylvania and Maryland are also being ordered out.
The Susquehanna River is expected to crest at more than 40-feet later tonight. Major metropolitan levees there are only built to withstand waters up to 41-feet.

There’s now another option on the table to keep the LeRoy Village Swimming Pool: have the Town of LeRoy take it over.
The Town Board last night directed supervisor Tim McCulley to craft a budget including ownership of the pool. The Board also signaled approval to operate the pool for a 5-year trial period.
LeRoy Village Trustee Jennifer Keys was at the meeting, and tells WBTA News the deal rides on several conditions. First, the Village must pay the town $11,000 a year towards the pool fund.
Then, a group of Village volunteers must raise the money they’ve promised in order to repair the pool and bring it up to code.
Sale of the pool now goes back to the Village Trustees for approval.

A solemn reminder of the grief and the pain, the horror and the memory that was 9/11.
Batavia’s tenth anniversary observance of the attacks was held yesterday inside the City Centre. A small crowd gathered to hear local and state luminaries share their experiences that day.
Empire State Development CEO Ken Adams attended. Adams was running an office in Manhattan back in 2001.
"I waited to make sure all the folks who worked for me had ways to get home," he said. "By the time I got to my daughter's school...I was one of the last parents to get there. I went into her class, and I looked on the teacher, and it dawned on (us) at the same time: there will be some kids whose parents don't come to get them."
Sheriff Gary Maha also spoke about his time in the recovery effort at Ground Zero.
"Our job was to sift through the ashes for any artifacts we could find," said Maha. "I remember one thing in particular: a badge that we found, of a Port Authority police officer."
Batavia’s 9/11 memorial exhibit remains open until the end of the month.

A new study by the “Wall Street Journal” says the Buffalo Bills are the most attractive team in the NFL. The study looked at the facial symmetry of players, coaches and owners from NFL teams, and the Bills are the prettiest.
This sets up a bonus for Week One of the NFL season. This Sunday, the attractive Bills will take on the supposed least-attractive team in the league – that’s the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Batavia City Council meets on Monday night coming up. Council will move to advance the Summit Street reconstruction project by awarding the winning bid to Erdman Anthony Contractors. The project will be completed next year at a cost of about $135,000. Council meets at 7:00pm at City Hall.
And, the Batavia City Schools Board of Education also meets at 7:00pm Monday night, at the Batavia High School Library Media Center.

The public is welcome to attend both meetings.

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