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A van crashed through an Amherst restaurant, killing a couple from Livingston County, right in front of their teenage son.  
It happened at about 9:30 Saturday night at a restaurant called Cheeburger-Cheeburger on Niagara Falls Boulevard.  
Investigators say 74-year-old Beverly Torbert lost control of her van as it smashed through the restaurant.  
Police say 56-year-old Joseph Bennett of Dansville was killed. 
His 52-year-old wife Kathryn died later at the hospital.
The couple was eating dinner with their 13-year-old son at the time.
Senator Chuck Schumer wants the federal government to regulate juices after TV talk show host Doctor Oz claimed samples of apple juice have higher levels of arsenic than those permitted for drinking water.
Schumer says he doesn't want to alarm anyone but says arsenic accumulates in the body over a long period of time.
Schumer is calling on the Federal Drug Administration to increase inspections and testing of imported juices and create a national standard.  The FDA says they do monitor inorganic arsenic in juice and apple juice is safe to drink.
A burglary at a Batavia restaurant earlier this summer has led to criminal charges.
55-year-old Paul Wapniewski of Ellicott Street has been charged with burglary and Criminal Mischief in connection with a heist at Delavan’s Restaurant on Evans Street.
The case had been presented to the Genesee County Grand Jury.
Wapniewski has been released under supervision.
29-year-old Billy Joe Murphy of Pavilion is charged with Criminal Possession of a weapon.
Murphy was charged following an investigation of a domestic disturbance. Police found a long gun in the home that Murphy was not supposed to have.
This programming note: tomorrow WBTA News begins a 4-day series on the 2011 City Council award winners. 
Each year, the Batavia City Council recognizes an Employee, a Volunteer, a Business and a Homeowner of the Year.
This year’s Employee of the Year is Toni Funke. 
Toni is the City’s Youth Bureau Director. She’s been working with the Youth Bureau since 1987.
Geoff Redick reports the series beginning tomorrow with Toni’s story on selected WBTA news casts throughout the day.

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