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A facility-wide lockdown at Attica Correctional Facility has been lifted and normal operations are expected to resume Thursday, following a nearly 6-day period in which prisoners did not leave their cells and every inmate was frisked.

The lockdown went into effect last Friday following two separate brawls in the two days prior. On Wednesday evening, 6 inmates fought in the A-yard recreational space and one was injured. The following Thursday, 26 prisoners got into a fracas and had to be subdued with chemical agents.

The lockdown at the time was described as a precuationary measure. State Corrections spokesman Peter Cutler said it was unclear whether any gang activity was involved, though he did call the fights "unorganized."

Involved inmates will now attend disciplinary hearings, after which penalties will be administered.

"The inmates who assault others can be assured that they will face swift and appropriate sanctions...and criminal charges as well" said State Corrections Commissioner Brian Fischer in a release.

Officials declined to release any information on weapons confiscated during the prison-wide friskings and searches. Inmates today were allowed to leave their cells on a limited basis. Full recreation programs will resume tomorrow.

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