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The emergency North Street sewer repair project, which began in early July and canvasses the area of North Street, Ross Street, Miller Avenue and Seneca Avenue, is nearly 2 months overdue.

Now, the contractor may face legal action over the late project. Project manager Mike Amadori with Tom Greenauer Development confirmed the that company will "probably be facing litigation." Amadori would not specify who might bring the legal action, or against whom it might be brought. Tom Greenauer Development is the primary contractor on the project, and both Amadori and the company refused any further comment.

The project began on July 5th. At the time, it was estimated the project would end in early September. But two months later, Ross Street and North Street still have gaping holes, crews are still installing sewer lines, and machines are still parked in front yards.

Residents say they're fed up.

"It's very annoying," Mary Beth Suozzi told WBTA News. She lives at 156 Ross Street. "Every morning I take my son to school, and I don't know which way I'm going – and then when I come back, I'm blocked off," she said. Sometimes, Suozzi's own driveway is obstructed by machines, preventing her from leaving for as much as a half-hour.

"The sewer smell is really bad," she continued, " permeates through the whole house." She also noted that the loud noises often shake her house. She also says the Greenauer crews were "pretty rude" when they were on-scene. (Currently, Greg Post General Services of Batavia is sub-contracting, and Suozzi says that crew is more pleasant).

Other nearby residents report parking problems, like Katheryn Derose at 134 Ross Street. She says residents who are blocked from their own driveways often take up the roadside spots outside her house.

Mary Beth Suozzi says she was told by contractors that excessive groundwater below North and Ross Streets led to the problems. She says the contractors had to dig several underground wells to collect the excess water, before being able to continue laying sewer lines.

In late August, less than two weeks before the project was scheduled for completion, WBTA News contacted City Hall on similar "excessive groundwater" reports. City Manager Jason Molino at the time denied any reports of the project being behind-schedule due to excessive groundwater. He had believed the project was on-schedule.

Molino was not available for comment Tuesday.


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