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The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office has released their 2011 report.

The report shows that calls to dispatchers was up 3% from 2010 and that the number of men and women arrested was also up.

Sheriff Gary Maha said when the numbers are up it shows that criminals are being caught and taken off the streets.

“This past year we seen a lot of calls in regards to quality of life type of issues, we’ve had a lot of domestic violence calls, calls for service at Darien Lake was a big one with regards to underage drinking,” said Maha.  

Maha said law enforcement officers cracked down on underage drinkers this year, taking a zero tolerance stance.

“Anytime we catch someone in illegal possession of alcohol under the age of 21 they are going to be charged, there not going to be given any breaks. We try to set the tone, because were not going to tolerate underage drinking or drinking and driving in this County,” said Maha.  

The report also showed the number of larceny arrests for shoplifting was high with 386 people being arrested for the crime.

Maha said the numbers show that stores are taking a more proactive approach on catching thieves. 

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