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Republican Congressional Candidate Chris Collins was in Downtown Batavia Wednesday morning outlining his “Small Business Bill of Rights.”

A plan that Collins said will allow mom and pop businesses to prosper.

He is urging for small businesses to have lower taxes, a fair playing field with China, where America gets a lot of their goods, and the right to choose the healthcare plan they want.

"The thought that the government should take over healthcare and tell people how live their lives goes against what our founding fathers stood for and we need to eliminate Obamacare and once and for all let companies decide what benefits they're going to provide," said Collins. 

Collins said he is also pushing for small business to be free from the death rate tax so that children will be able to afford to inherit the family business if/when their parents die without the fear of it being taxed away.

Collins will debate his Republican Congressional opponent David Bellavia on June 6th at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua at 2p.m.(closed to the public for the college students safety) and in Erie County on June 19th, the location has yet to be officially announced. 


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