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52-year old William Hastings fell to his death from a seventh-story window at 400 Towers in City of Batavia.

The incident happened just before 3p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Hastings is a resident in the high-rise apartment complex for senior citizens.

22-year old Richard Smith was the first witness on the scene. He said he is still shaken up from the sight.

“I was sitting in a truck in the parking lot across from the building and I was looking at the building and I seen a man falling. I ran over as quick as I could, I checked his vitals and I called 911 immediately. I happened real fast,” said Smith.

Batavia Police were still on scene Tuesday evening doing a thorough investigation into whether the Hastings accidentally fell or jumped from the window.

Lieutenant Eugene Jankowski said they are also investigating inside of Hastings apartment.

“One of the first orders of our concern was to get up there and make sure the was no additional people there maybe in need of help or whatever, but when we arrived there was no one else in the apartment, it was vacant and the window was partly open from the screen,” said Jankowski.

Hastings body has been taken to the Monroe County medical examiners office for further investigation. 

Jankowski is asking anyone else who witnessed the incident to come forward. He said any information would help. The number to call is (585) 345-6444. 


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