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Attica residents are still upset by the smell coming from the village glass plant.

Just about 100 people turned out to a town meeting Monday night to discuss the health affects the odor coming from Hillcrest Industries is having on them.

Jacquie Hiczewski organized the event. She lives in the neighborhood of the glass company.

“The odor it almost smells like a burning garbage smell, but it also has like a chemical component to it and it’s unbearable at times,” said Hiczewski.

Hiczewski said even more than the odor issue small particles of glass air moving through the air for everyone to breathe.

“I’m very upset about them finding the glass because we’ve obviously been breathing this for a while and the health affects from what I’ve read it causes mesothelioma as-well as cancer so I’m very very concerned for the community as-well as my family so its very upsetting,” said Hiczewski.

Hillcrest Industries said they are working to correct the problem without getting rid of any jobs there, but Hiczewski said they aren’t working fast enough.

The community has hired Buffalo Attourney Richard Lippes who best known for winning the Love Canal case in Niagara Falls to legally deal with the issue. 

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# J.S. Richter
Monday, September 17, 2012 9:40 PM
Hi,i have visited the glass plant a few times,yes garbage tends to omit odor, and depending on the temps of any given day it may even sometime give off stench.But so does your car and your garbage in someone else,s neighborhood.
Sometimes people who with a little bit of knowledge tend to have others believe
they have all the worlds answers.And sometimes people just want to be laud,in your case i think you need to be laud,you want to make a name for yourself simply by announcing the ski is falling in Attica N.Y.when it is not.Is it possible that your a live miles from the town,and teach, are you happy with the high toxic gasses your school Buses omit daily?. Sometimes i worry of whats behind peoples fears,is perhaps,the job s so near to so many who are living high on tax payers assistance.Are you a fraud or just an extortionist.? Please feel free to write back.Joe

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