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A local mother whose son is addicted to bath salts says enough is enough.

For the past two weeks Nicolette Lang has been raising awareness about the designer drug known as “bath salts” that also goes by the brand name Amped, Bliss, Cloud Nine and more.

The synthetic drug has also become a hot button issue as it is becoming a problem for many young people across the country. 

Last Monday, Nicolette was charged with trespassing after she confronted employees at 420 Emporium in Batavia who were selling the drug to her 28-year old son Jason Lang.

“But really I didn’t do anything wrong, all I told him was stop. Yeah, I yelled him at him, but there is nothing wrong with that, I said stop selling my kid drugs, you’re killing him,” said Nicolette.

Nicolette appeared in Batavia City court Tuesday, where her trespassing case was adjourned until she finds a lawyer.

Nicolette said she doesn’t need a lawyer and she believes what she did was not wrong.

With tears in her eyes she said she will continue to fight to save her sons life.

“I think he wants to stop, he begs to stop, but then withdrawal is so horrible that he’s got to do it again and we just have to try to get him to rehab,” said Nicolette.

Nicolette said even if the 420 Emporium says they aren’t selling the drug anymore she doesn’t believe it, because Jason continues to come home with bath salts in hand.

Nicolette and her daughter Brandi are protesting against the synthetic drug in front of the head-shop Wednesday at 8:30a.m. until 1p.m.


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