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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that the fire at the Hillcrest Industries facility in Attica is now fully extinguished. The EPA is arranging the plastic and glass piles on site to a more manageable size to avoid re-ignition.  A fire management and temperature monitoring plan will be in place until the material is processed and removed from the site.

In the release, the agency calls this “truly good news” and a “welcome development for the community."

Crews had been working since Sept. 29 to extinguish the smoldering pile at Hillcrest that was believed to be the source of an awful odor and questionable air conditions in the community for months.

Since the start of the process, nearly 49,000 cubic yards of material was moved and cooled.

The fire was officially extinguished this Sunday – ahead of schedule according to the EPA.

The EPA says it will remain on site to support the fire management and temperature monitoring plan.

The EPA says that recent results of air monitoring show no detectable levels of volatile organic compounds. Levels of particles have also been very low throughout most of the work.

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