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The state Thruway Authority has scheduled a meeting for Dec. 17 expected to address which bid it will accept for the Tappan Zee Bridge project downstate; but there’s still no official mention of discussing the controversial toll increase for commercial trucks.

Batavia Assemblyman Steve Hawley has had enough which is why he's co-sponsoring legislation called the Thruway Authority Accountability Act.

“When I hear verbage from any governmental agency that refers to a 45 percent increase in anything referenced as ‘modest,’ it pricks up my attention pretty quickly," Hawley said.

Assemblyman Hawley calls the agency’s spending “irresponsible” and says the proposed toll hike with apparent trickle-down effects to consumers and families shows a “disregard for toll-payers.”

The bill would also include plans to merge the DOT and the Thruway Authority to create a new board.

“Members would have to have transportation or financial expertise," Hawley said. "It wouldn’t be a political appointment. Authorities like this as well as all governmental agencies (should be) looking at budgets in ways that our families do – if we can’t afford something, we need to cut spending. That’s one of the things this combination would do.”

Hawley says the Thruway Authority Accountability Act will be introduced at the time of the next session at the start of the year.

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