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Genesee County may have a new addition to the National Register of Historic Places.

The State Board of Historic Preservation announced 25 recommendations of buildings, structures, or sites significant in the history, architecture, and culture of New York State and the nation.

The Augustus S. Tryon House in LeRoy is the selection in Genesee County. The 1867 Italianate house was built for Tryon, a successful merchant and farmer who settled in LeRoy after returning east from his adventures in California during the Gold Rush. It was later owned by another prominent businessman, mill-owner Charles Prentice, who bought the house in 1881.

LeRoy Historical Society Director Lynne Belluscio says the structure’s architecture is historically significant.

“The house was the highest of fashion at that particular period of time,"Belluscio said. "Italianate architecture was very popular at the time. There’s usually a tower. It’s a very romantic style of architecture I guess you could say.”

The building now is a private, single-family residence. It’s located on Church Street near St. Mark’s Church. It was once a multi-family house, but the construction was reversible and it retains an astounding amount of original features both on the interior and exterior. Belluscio says hooks are still in place in the yard where a hammock used to sit between two trees.

Listing these properties on the State and National Registers can assist their owners in revitalizing the structures, making them eligible for various public preservation programs and services. The owner in this case, could be eligible for certain tax credits if the Tryon House is approved.

“With the national register, there are wonderful options available for folks,” Belluscio said. “And they can work with the State Preservation Office in Albany. They are certainly well-acquainted with the tax ramifications for that. The Landmark Society in Rochester has people there that can assist people in determining whether or not they would qualify for National Register nomination or not.”

Belluscio says that LeRoy is mainly known for the beautiful old houses on East Main Street, but adding Church Street to that reputation will only help the area.

“Church Street could be on a National Registration District which would greatly enhance the properties along Church Street," Belluscio said.

There are 90,000 historic buildings, structures and sites throughout the state listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including 20 in Genesee County. The Tryon House could join the Keeney House, LeRoy House, Post Office and the LeRoy steam shovel.

“All of that helps share with the outside world that a community has both history and architectural significance," Belluscio said.

Once the recommendations are approved by the state historic preservation officer, the properties are listed on the New York State Register of Historic Places and then nominated to the National Register of Historic Places, where they are reviewed and, once approved, enter the National Register.

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