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The New York state legislature has passed Governor Andrew Cuomo's gun control package by a vote of 104-43.  

The state Senate passed the legislation last night, and Cuomo has pledged to sign it quickly. The legislation, the first in the nation since the Newtown massacre last month, would expand the state's existing ban on assault weapons, limit the size of ammunition magazines, place further restrictions on gun sales, and create safeguards to make it more difficult for the mentally ill to own firearms.

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# douglas dewey
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 5:33 PM
We are being punished by what a mentaly deranged person does. This is not right. I am a gun owner and collector and law enforcement employed I think we could have went for a lighter way around this issue then to ban guns for all to shoot and buy. I buy alot of ammo on line it is cheaper and who has the right to say how many rounds it takes to shoot a deer, I use my AR-15 for coyote hunting it makes a smaller hole so that I can sell the fur sometimes i shoot 7-10 shots before I hit it they run fast. I am resigning from The NRA and will probably leave New York after retirement in 5 years.

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