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City of Batavia residents have received a letter from the city detailing the new trash disposal program. 

Basically, residents are on their own to arrange for their garbage pick-up as of June 1st. The city sent a letter recently detailing the plan and suggesting several contractors.

If you plan on still employing the Genesee ARC for private contract, it has established rates. Traditional curbside service is $21.95/mo, self-directed bag service is 10 bags for $30.00 and drop-off service at the West Main site is $.10 per pound. The agency says the numbers will help it remain solvent and continue its programs and mission.

The ARC was the exclusive trash collector for the city for the last 28 years, but city council recently voted for the city to get out of the trash collection business.

In addition to the ARC, the letter suggested trash contractors Gardner Disposal, PSI Disposal and Waste Management, as well as transfer stations to drop off refuse, recycling and bulk items. 

Here is a copy of the letter:

As of June 1, 2013, City of Batavia residents will be responsible for their own curbside pickup of refuse, recycling and bulk items. Each property owner will either select a vendor of their choice or have to transport their refuse and recycling to a transfer station.

The City has contacted several refuse haulers in the area who are interested in collecting refuse, recycling and bulk items on a private basis. The City has not negotiated a price for this service and is not recommending a particular hauler.

Gardner Disposal: (585) 343-4626
Genesee ARC: (585) 343-1123 or 585-343-4203
PSI Disposal, Inc.: (585) 599-3255
Waste Management, Inc.: (800) 333-6590

Transfer stations to drop off refuse, recycling and bulk items:

Scofield Transfer and Recycling: (585) 343-7373
Town of Batavia Transfer Station: (585) 343-1729

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