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The City of Batavia has put together a preliminary plan to redevelop the former Genesee Country Mall, now known as the City Center.

The plan has not yet been made public but it is one of five strategic sites designated under the Batavia Opportunity Project.

Other sites eyed for re-development include:
-The Harvester Center, where some work has already been done converting old factory space into offices;
-The Carr’s Warehouse, where progress is being made on a residential and commercial project;
-The Della Penna site on Ellicott Street and the 
Tonawanda Creekside Redevelopment.

City Manager Jason Molino said plans for the mall are long overdue.

“I think people will be pleasantly surprised as to what some of the redevelopment ideas are,” he said, “and how that transpires over the next several years is very important. The mall is at the center of our downtown and I think making improvements to it will do a lot to contribute to the livelihood of our downtown and not just the mall and businesses in there, but also surrounding businesses.”

More information is due to be released at a public meeting scheduled for July 29th, a week from this Monday, at City Hall.

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