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New York State thinks a roundabout will solve the traffic problems that have plagued Bethany’s Suicide Corners.

State officials met with local residents last night to discuss plans for the intersection of Route 20 and East Road.

“This is obviously three fatal accidents here," Rich Schell, roundabout expert with the state Department of Transportation, said. "They’re looking at something that’s really going to cut down very proactively on those fatals and when you look at nationwide statistics, and even statistics here in New York, you see that we’ve done that with roundabouts.”

The project would cost about $2.6 million and would also lower the hill just west of the intersection.

Over 50 local residents attended the meeting. Many were opposed to the roundabout.

The intersection has been the site of 37 accidents since 1998, three of them fatal.

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# julie koester
Monday, September 16, 2013 10:31 AM
It would be interesting to know the total statistical history on this intersection as it has been called "suicide corners" for decades farther back than 1998. Obviously there has been more deaths than three, here. Also, would a roundabout slow the flow of traffic for route 20? Seems it may be another idea to consider simply consider bettering the views by leveling the ground/roads to see traffic before crossing. Or, maybe consider placing a bridge for the east road to cross over 20 at that junction? Seems like the monies being considered, now, could/would cover some other ideas that could be put in place.
# ScottRAB
Monday, September 16, 2013 1:16 PM
The FHWA has a video about modern roundabouts that is mostly accurate ( ).
Modern roundabouts are the safest form of intersection in the world. Visit for modern roundabout FAQs and safety facts. Modern roundabouts, and the pedestrian refuge islands approaching them, are two of nine proven safety measures identified by the FHWA,
The safety comes from the ‘slow and go’ operation instead of the ‘stop or go fast’ way a stop light works. The smaller size of the modern roundabout is what makes them safer and keeps speeds in the 20 mph range. This makes it much easier to avoid a crash or stop for pedestrians. It also means that if a crash happens the likelihood of injury is very low. Safety is the #1 reason there are over 3,000 modern roundabouts in the US today and many more on the way.
Slow and go modern roundabout intersections means less delay than a stop light or stop sign, especially the other 20 hours a day people aren’t driving to or from work. Average daily delay at a signal is around 12 seconds per car. At a modern roundabout average delay is less than five seconds. Signals take an hour of demand and restrict it to a half hour, at best only half the traffic gets to go at any one time. At a modern roundabout four drivers entering from four directions can all enter at the same time. Don’t try that with a signalized intersection.
# Anonymous User
Tuesday, February 18, 2014 3:04 PM
Tractor Trailer Strikes Home at Suicide Corners

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