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The state Department of Transportation is proposing restriping Route 5 in LeRoy from approximately the Tops Plaza to the golf course and residents turned out for an information meeting Monday.

It’s proposing making it a two-lane road with a center turn lane to allow more space for traffic and trucks, as well as more room for people parking on the street. The DOT says LeRoy doesn’t have the traffic volume anymore to warrant a four-lane road, since it was constructed before the Thruway. Those types of roads can also be unsafe, representatives say, because research shows they encourage speeding and quick lane changes. The DOT also argues there is little room for trucks which often have to maneuver up on curbs.

County legislator Shelly Stein, who represents LeRoy and was present at the meeting, says it was productive.

“They did hear some, ‘Yes, thank you, but no thank you,’ comments, absolutely,” she said. “It was all very respectful back and forth. Do I think that there will be an outcome that will change the proposed plan as it was presented last night? I do think that there will be.”

Two DOT representatives laid out the whole plan and distributed materials explaining the proposal to the 80 or so members of the public who attended.

Stein says strong appearances by Mayor Greg Rogers, Chief of Police Chris Hayward, Fire Chief Thomas Wood, Town Supervisor Stephen Barbeau and Director the LeRoy Historical Society Lynne Belluscio -- which is the biggest tourism draw for LeRoy – all spoke and came equipped with numbers and information to present to the DOT.

“The concerns that each one of those entities brought forward,” Stein said, “all dealt with safety, public safety and how to plan to get both in and around vehicles as we currently do, the number of traffic counts that the DOT has done and also what a traffic plan might look like.”

Representatives from Assemblyman Steve Hawley and State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer’s offices were present as well.

With the proposal focusing on a key transportation and economic center of the Village, Stein says many groups were represented.

“A smathering of professions such as professional truck drivers, agriculture equipment operators that do go through our main corridor, and also our Main Street business owners,” Stein said. “We really had the entire community together in the various groups that use our roadway and transportation system as it was designed.”

Stein says the DOT representatives will take all the feedback and information into account before meeting with a small group of local elected officials in the near future.

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