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The body of a Town of Darien man was found about 24 hours after he was reported missing.
State Police say foul play is not suspected in the death of 26-year-old Ryan C. Bergman.
His body was discovered by police yesterday afternoon in a wooded area just west of Route 77.
Troopers said Bergman was reported missing Tuesday afternoon.
Bergman left his home on foot in clothing troopers said  was inadequate for the weather conditions.
The cause of death has yet to be determined.

On the police blotter:

30 year old Shannon Denison of Main St., Attica and
51 year old Kathleen Gonzalez of West Main, Batavia
Both women were arrested in separate incidents for allegedly boosting merchandise from K-mart.

63-year-old Terry Irene Luczak of North Spruce, Batavia:
She was arrested for allegedly driving while her ability was impaired by drugs.
Deputies say Luczak was seen driving erratically in the Target parking lot and struck a handicap sign while attempting to park.
A barn is destroyed in the Niagara County town of Royalton following a Christmas day fire.  Firefighters from several area companies responded to help battle the flames, but by the time it was over the building on Simms Road was a total loss.  
The cause remains under investigation.

Southern Tier Republican Congressman Tom Reed recently opposed special treatment members of Congress receive under the Affordable Care Act.  However, Reed has accepted the federal contribution to his health coverage that he had previously wanted eliminated.  Democrat Martha Robertson is planning to run against Reed in next year's election. She calls Reeds reversal, “stunning.”

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# Henry Kramer
Thursday, December 26, 2013 6:29 PM
Martha Robertson criticizes Congressman Reed for taking advantage of a law that he opposed but could not get repealed. But, Robertson has her own skeletons in the closet. In 2012, she was not elected to the Chair's position of the Tompkins County Legislature until Jan. 17, yet she took pay as chairperson from Jan. 1 to 17, when she had not yet even been elected to the post. People do not get paid as office holders before they get elected to the office. She also alleged that Reed "operatives" had hacked her website. She was challenged to substantiate her statement and has been unable to produce one ounce of evidence that anyone acting for Reed hacked her website or even that it was actually hacked. Robertson's assertion about Reed and "special treatment" amounts to little more than a claim that he availed himself of a legal benefit stemming from a law he didn't like. How many of us have turned down a federal benefit we are entitled to because we didn't like the law under which we got it?

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