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Issued By:  Genesee County Emergency Management
Affected Jurisdictions:  Genesee County

UPDATE: Boil Water Advisory: Possible manure contamination of wells corner of Batavia-Oakfield Townline Rd / Rt 63.Contact Health Dept.344-2580 x5525

Due to the possibility of manure contamination of drinking water wells near the corner of Batavia - Oakfield Townline Rd and Lewiston Road (Rt. 63).  Water samples have been collected from wells in the area.  At this time the extent of contamination is unknown and we would therefore recommend that you boil the tap water in your home or use bottled water for drinking and cooking.  If your well water quality changes as noticed by color and/or smell, immediately stop using it for all household uses other than flushing toilets.  Please contact the Genesee County Health Department at 344-2580 extension 5525 for more information, during normal business hours.  

 Boil the tap water in your home or use bottled water for drinking and cooking

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Saturday, March 15, 2014 8:43 AM
The information on the water in Genesee County was to boil water. This was on WROC TV AND WIVB TV , After checking with 911 Genesee county this was only for Batavia-Oakfied townline Rd. -
I would hope that you could Please get the information correct so we realy no what is going on .

I live in Batavia at Clintion st rd. and after checking with 911 they had the correct information.

Harold Hay 585-343-2844
# Dan Fischer
Monday, March 17, 2014 9:12 AM

What are you talking about?
The story is still on our local news page and clearly states "Batavia-Oakfield Townline Rd. at the intersection of Lewiston Rd. (Route 63).

You should know that WBTA was the first news agency to broadcast the story - correctly - on Friday afternoon at 4:45PM.

The original notification, from New York Alert, was vague and incorrect. It was not until WBTA brought this to the attention of Genesee County Emergency Management officials that a second, accurate, release was made.

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