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The Genesee County Nursing Home’s persistent status in the red has been apparent for some time, but is it insoluble?

Administrator Christine Schaller told the legislature’s ways and means committee that it stands at $4.7 million in the red.

That’s after it trimmed $860,000 in expenses.

County officials have said that the federal government and the state Department of Health have failed to reimburse the facility. Medicaid expenses and the Affordable Car Act are also to blame according to county officials.

Schaller and county manager Jay Gsell agreed at the committee meeting that the state is making it increasing difficult for counties to operate nursing homes.

Gsell said it can’t find new revenue to offset the deficit, let alone break even.

“We’ve been paring costs in a lot of different areas as far as running the facility,” Gsell said via our news partner, The Batavian. “The problem is, we can’t pare costs down to the deficit and we certainly can’t find additional, new, enhanced revenue to make up the difference either. That’s the bottom line.”

UPDATE (5:53 p.m.):

Executive Assistant to County Manager Jay Gsell, Vicky Muckle, sent an email to media Tueday afternoon announcing a Committee on the Whole meeting set for Wednesday (tomorrow) "to discuss the future options of the Genesee County nursing home."

Muckle said the meeting is expected to enter executive session "with regard to Section H of the the Open Government Laws - Justification for Going into Executive Session, which involves the potential sale or lease of real property."

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