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Scott Lamagna appeared in Genesee County Court for sentencing this morning after having it adjourned on Tuesday.

His attorney Thomas Burns requested a copy of phone conversations between Scott and his family members recorded from the Genesee County Jail.

The conversations in question were initially presented by District Attorney Kevin Finnell to show evidence that Scott’s primary concern was himself, with no remorse for the victim who was in guarded condition at the time.

Both Burns and Lamagna admitted he had issues with drugs and alcohol as well as unaddressed problems with mental health and Burns was asking for Scott to be treated differently than the co-defendant Johnathon.

He argued that Scott was less of a threat to society than his brother and that he has become increasingly aware of the responsibility and repercussions of his actions the night of the assault.

Judge Charles Zambito called attention to Scott’s previous 7 arrests with 5 of them including charges of resisting arrest, noting Scott’s uncontrollable violent behavior.

Scott was ultimately sentenced to a determinate sentence of 3 and a half years in prison with 3 years of post-release supervision along with a one year sentence for coercion that will be served concurrently.

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