Special Programs

Genesee Life with Lucine Kauffman
Sunday, Mar 11, 2018  Guest: Dancer Tara Pocock
Main & Center
Monday, Mar 12
 9:05AM  UMMC Medical Monday
Tuesday, Mar 13
 9:05AM  Crossroads House
 9:25AM  Chamber of Commerce
 9:40AM  Fitzgibbons Irish Pub and Restaurant
Wednesday, Mar 14
 9:05AM  Genesee Life (Repeat Broadcast of Mar 11)
Thursday, Mar 15
 9:05 AM  Genesee County Government
 9:20AM  Genesee County Sheriff’s Office
Friday, Mar 16
 9:05AM  Arc of Genesee Orleans
 9:20AM  Marchese Computer
 9:40AM  Kiwanis Spaghetti Dinner

06AM Ibiza

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