Special Programs


Batavia Muckdogs Home Game Coverage
 Aug 15  vs West Virginia, 7:05PM
 Aug 16  vs West Virginia, 7:05PM
Genesee Life with Lucine Kauffman
 Aug 12  Guest: Ernie Found Jr., “The Miracle Season”
Main & Center
 Monday, August 13
 9:05AM  Medical Monday – UMMC
 9:20AM  Genesee Symphony Orchestra
 Tuesday, August 13
 9:05AM  Crossroads House
 9:20AM  Chamber of Commerce
 9:40AM  Oakfield Betterment Committee
 Wednesday, Aug 15 
 9:05AM  Repeat broadcast of Aug 12 Genesee Life
Thursday, Aug 16
 9:05AM  Genesee County Government
 9:20AM  Genesee County Sheriff
 9:40AM  Manor House
 Friday, Aug 17
 9:05AM  Arc of Genesee Orleans
 9:20AM  Marchese Computer
 9:40AM  First Line Defense

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