Batavia High’s Graduation Rate Continues to Grow

Written by on January 28, 2021

Batavia High School’s graduation rate, for students who graduate within four years, increased from 85% in the 2011-2015 cohort to 93% (for June graduates) and 94% (for those who graduated by August of their senior year) in the 2016-2020 cohort. The number is even higher – 97% for the 2016-2020 cohort – when only those students who attend school in BHS are counted (as opposed to those who, for various reasons, had been completing their studies at alternate locations.)


In other words, 85% of all freshmen entering BHS in the fall of 2011 (as the Class of 2015) earned their diploma by June of 2015. The graduation rate continued to improve over the course of the next several graduating classes, with the last group for which we have data being the Class of 2020. For that graduating class, 93% of all freshmen entering BHS in the fall of 2016 (as the Class of 2020) earned their diploma by June 2020 and 94% completed the graduation requirements by August 2020. Again, that number was higher (97%) for students who attend school at BHS.


Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Soler, in presenting the data to the school district’s Board of Education, congratulated the staff on their role in student success. He also noted that BHS principal, Mr. Kesler, and his staff will continue to work on raising the overall graduation rate and will dig deeper into the subgroups of the student population to look for patterns and to identify better ways to serve the full student population.

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