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Written by on July 6, 2021

The rockets red glare was seen a bit closer to the ground on Saturday night in Pembroke as a panel truck carrying leftover fireworks from a show in Akron exploded on South Lake Road.  Edwin Mileham, Assistant Fire Chief for the Pembroke Fire District says particles stemming from the fireworks launched all over the road and into nearby yards.  The truck was loaded with launch canisters stacked in the front of the truck and unused fireworks in the back of the truck.  Exploding fireworks lit up the neighborhood and blew out the passenger side panel of the truck, the back roll-up door, and the roof. The cab was undamaged, probably because of the stacked canisters in the box stacked between the fireworks and the cab, Mileham said.  Crews were able to stand on a deck gun from a fire engine to put out the flames coming from the truck.  The driver of the truck was not injured and does not know how the fire started.  There is a spectacular video captured from a front door camera of the explosion at our news partner the Batavian.

The Toronto Blue Jays want to fly the coop back to Toronto.  With some restrictions getting lifted in Canada the Jays have submitted a petition to the Canadian government to be allowed to return to their stadium in Toronto by July 30th.  A spokesperson for the team says they are not tied to that date and may go back later if that is what is offered.

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