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Written by on September 29, 2020

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Dear Genesee County Registered Voters:

As a recently retired Chief Deputy from the Genesee County Sheriff ‘s Office, I formally endorse William A. Sheron, Jr., for the position of Sheriff of Genesee County for the next term of office.  After 43 years of service with the Sheriff’s Office, starting as a civilian Dispatcher and ending as Chief Deputy overseeing the Criminal Investigation Division, I have first-hand knowledge and experience about the operations of the Office and feel confident endorsing candidate William A. Sheron, Jr.

Throughout his career, Bill has constantly strived to better himself and the Sheriff’s Office through promotional exams, training, securing grants and networking for much-needed equipment.  Being Sheriff requires one to be a master of police work and criminal law, get your personnel the very best equipment/training, and hire the very best people to work for the Office.  It also requires one to be thoroughly versed in Correctional best practices, Correction Law and Civil Law.  To be an effective Sheriff, one must possess all of these things.  This is not a job that most can “learn on the go” as the consequences can literally be life or death.  In this litigious era, a simple mistake can cost the County (and taxpayers) millions of dollars in a lawsuit.  It is critical that a seasoned employee with years of experience lead the Office in these difficult times.

I have known Bill Sheron longer than anyone currently at the Sheriff’s Office, and I have worked side-by-side with him throughout a multitude of crime scenes including homicides, fatal car crashes, bank robberies, sex crimes, drug investigations, and search warrant executions.  Specifically, I would like to highlight our first officer-involved shooting in the Town of Pembroke a few years ago as a prime example of Bill’s commitment to the citizens of Genesee County.

While Sheriff Sheron was attending the National Sheriffs’ Institute’s “training for new Sheriffs” in Colorado, he was the second person I spoke with while responding to the scene.  I had several more conversations with him from the scene, whereupon, he caught the first flight home the next day, was back in Genesee County that afternoon, and was briefed by me (as Chief Deputy of CID, I was tasked with the oversight of all officer-involved shootings).  I know Sheriff Sheron, how he reasons, and where his priorities lay.  They have ALWAYS been to make the best decisions on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office, Genesee County, and its citizens.

Genesee County requires such a person for Sheriff, and I sincerely endorse William A. Sheron, Jr., for that position.  It’s the right decision for the citizens of Genesee County, members of the Sheriff’s Office, as well as the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies dealt with on a daily basis.

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