Genesee County Sheriff Updates Travel Ban

Written by on December 24, 2022

Road conditions in several areas of Genesee County, mostly the Western towns, continue to be extremely dangerous with severe blizzard conditions, blowing and drifting snow, zero visibility and extreme cold temperatures.  Emergency service providers are still in the process of attempting to clear vehicles that became stranded overnight.


After consulting with the Genesee County Highway Superintendent, Emergency Management Services Coordinator, and the County Manager, Genesee County Sheriff Sheron updates the Genesee County travel ban for the following:

– a travel ban remains in effect for Alabama, Oakfield, Elba, Pembroke, Darien,  Batavia, Alexander.

– the travel ban has been downgraded to a travel advisory, effective at noon today,   December 24, for Byron, Bergen, Bethany, LeRoy, Stafford, Pavilion.


“We cannot stress enough how important it is for your safety and that of our emergency personnel that you stay where you are until conditions improve.  Hundreds of vehicles are stranded, and it has been very challenging, if not impossible, to get to them.  We want everyone to have a safe holiday so if you have to postpone family gatherings, please do so.  It could save your life or that of your loved ones,” stated Sheriff Sheron.


A travel ban means no travel for anyone except emergency vehicles which includes police, ambulance, snow plows, fire, etc.


A travel advisory means that no unnecessary travel is advised.  A trip which could wait until the advisory is lifted should not be made.

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