Genesee MVP

Join Pete Zehler & Mike Rose Friday at 6 PM
After the News and City Church Faith Minute

Genesee MVP is sports talk from the Blue Devils to the Bills. The first part of each program is dedicated to covering high school sports, the scores, predictions and most importantly the stories behind the athletes, coaches and their journeys to either victory or defeat.

The second segment focuses on the local college sports report and keeps up to date on the latest and greatest prospects competing at the college level.

The final minutes of each program are dedicated to our national sports teams the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres with our hosts providing their opinions and predictions on recent or upcoming games or events.

Genesee MVP has recently added Mike Pettinella’s “Pin Points” to the program roster, covering local bowling at all levels. Mike who is an avid bowler himself reports on all things bowling with his weekly articles on The Batavian during the bowling season.

Hosted by Pete Zehler & Mike Rose

Pete Zehler is a native of Warsaw, has been the Play-by-play announcer at the Wyoming County International Speedway from age 15 to the present. He is the On Air Announcer at Lockport Community Television, Production Director at WGCC 90.7 and host of “First and Fifteen” on WGCC.

Mike Rose is a Batavian bred sports fan, is a former reporter at Batavia’s Best (former sports media outlet covering Genesee County), Athletic Programming Director for WGCC 90.7 and co-host of “First and Fifteen” on WGCC.

Genesee MVP is sponsored by:
Sunny’s Restaurant

Mazurkiewicz Family Chiropractic

Theme Music: “Sports Rock Theme” by Alex Feig

Fridays 6:05 to 6:30 p.m.

WBTA FM 100.1 and AM 1490
Listen live at

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