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Written by on October 21, 2021

Property owners in the Town of Batavia can expect a tax rate decrease of about 12-percent next year.
Town Supervisor Greg Post says the town’s expenses are up and revenues are down. So how do you get a decrease?
Post says the town will use about $1.1-million in its fund balance. That will keep the tax levy about the same as this year.
Now factor in an increase in assessments and you get a tax rate decrease.
Does that mean your tax bill goes down? No, because your assessment has likely gone up.
Post is quick to point out final adoption of the budget is scheduled for November 17th and changes could be made by then.

Much the same situation at the county level. County Manager Matt Landers says he expects the tax rate to do down by about 4.5 percent.
That news is also tempered by an increase in assessments.

Student-athletes at high schools across New York State can now benefit from their accomplishments on the field.
The New York State Public High School Athletic Association changed a rule that allows them to monetize their name, image, and likeness.
But an athlete will lose their amateur status if they accept gifts, endorsements, or money connected with activities involving their team or school.
Athletes also can not appear in the uniform of their school or utilize any marks or logos.

The lawyer for ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo is accusing state Attorney General Letitia James of being biased against him. Rita Glavin claimed that James interfered with the investigation into sexual harassment allegations that were made against Cuomo by several women. Glavin went on to say that James’ alleged actions were politically motivated and aimed at destroying Cuomo’s reputation.
Cuomo resigned as governor back in August but hasn’t publicly ruled out running for office again.

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