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Written by on July 12, 2022

The price per barrel of oil is falling and so are gas prices across the country and its not for a happy reason.  Fears of a recession are growing and with it comes less demand and higher interest rates.  This is leading to a drop.  This week so far prices have dropped 9 cents in New York compared to last week.  The average is now 4.80.  We still have a long way to go, last year the average was 3.20.  As prices at the pump fall so should the prices in grocery stores and in other goods.  But it will be a slow decline.  Prices of oil are still over 100 dollars a barrel.  

The Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson ave in Buffalo that was the site of the mass shooting back in May is going to be reopening Friday.  Thursday will mark two months since the shooting and there will be a moment of silence and prayer at 2:30 p.m. “to honor and respect all victims and impacted associates and community members,” according to Tops.  The store has been remodeled and TOPs president John Persons said the reopening will be done in a proper and respectful way.

Victims  of the Tops mass shooting and their families went to the White House to meet with the President and Vice President Monday. They commemorated the passage of the new bipartisan “Safer Communities Act.” The goal is to prevent future acts of gun violence.  The son of shooting victim Ruth Whitfield spoke at the ceremony. Garnell Whitfield, Junior read aloud all the names of the victims before the President spoke Monday. Lia Lando spoke with family members of shooting victims Margus Morrison and Pearl Young after the ceremony. They say they are happy with the new laws but more needs to be done.

Temporary changes to the traffic pattern are in effect near Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel.  Those visiting Batavia Downs will have to enter by heading south on Park Road and using the access road just past Alex’s Place. Traffic leaving the parking lot must also exit at that location.  Park Road will be closed between Lewiston Road and the parking lot entrance for Batavia Downs.  Park Road will be open to two-way traffic north of Batavia Downs.  Visitors looking to use free valet parking at Batavia Downs will have to enter through the parking lot entrance. Valet parking will not be accessible from the former Kmart lot.  The project is expected to be completed by late August.

What’s your milkshake flavor?  That’s the question posed by RTA Outdoor living to all 50 states.  They compiled google search data to find the most popularly searched milkshake flavor for each state and you may be surprised by New York’s favorite creamy confection.  Pineapple milkshakes are apparently the Empire States favorite  flavor of milkshake.  Strawberry came in first across the US with 10 states siding with the fruit over chocolate or vanilla.  Chocolate came in next with 8 states followed by Oreo in 6.  Vanilla and Shamrock tied for 5 each.  New York is not alone in its hankering for the spikey tropical fruitiness. Texas also had pineapple as its’ favorite flavor.

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