Program Schedule

Genesee Life with Lucine Kauffman
Sunday April 5, 2020 8:30AM Gary Graber from Darien: Trucking in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Do You Remember These?
Sunday, April 5,  2020 9:05AM & 9:05PM  Best of DO We Remember These Bob Knipe & Connie Boyd  (Repeat Broadcast)
Main & Center
Monday,April 6
9:05AM Medial Monday
Tuesday,April 7
9:05AM TBA
Wednesday, April 8
9:05AM Repeat broadcast of Genesee Life from April 5: Gary Graber from Darien: Trucking during COVID-19 Pandemic
9:35AM Dan’s Tire & Auto
Thursday, April 9
9:05AM  Genesee County Government
9:20AM Manor House
Friday, April 10
9:05AM Volunteers for Animals
Genesee MVP Sports Talk
  Program pre-empted until further notice

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