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Written by on October 22, 2020

Afternoon Update: The Orleans county health department says that a Holley High School student has tested positive for COVID 19.  They were last on campus on Wednesday morning and were sent home.  They are a member of the white hawk cohort and were not physically at school Monday or Tuesday.  Contact tracing has begun.

There is a lack of trust between Genesee county and the towns because of the revenue disbursement agreement stoppage and then resumption.  Even though the disbursements have started again the town of Bethany received 16.2 percent less than was promised to it in the initial agreement.  Bethany town supervisor Carl Hyde Jr said that he’s not convinced that the municipalities will receive the amounts the county has publicized for 2021, either.  “Until it shows up in the town’s bank account, I’m not taking them at their word for it. They took an agreement that all the towns (and villages) worked hard at to come up with and signed and agreed to, and they just threw it away.”  Genesee county has announced that it will send 10 million dollars to the towns and villages in 2021.

An Erie county man has been arrested and charged for a rape in Darien back in august of 2014.  Genesee county sheriffs deputies say that 35 year old Nicholas Turnquist of west falls has been accused of a multitude of sex offenses across Genesee Wyoming and Erie counties.  He was arraigned Wednesday and is held without bail in Wyoming county jail.

Two Lockport teenage boys have been arrested and charged in the shooting that took the life of 20 year old Cheyenne Farewell of medina and injured 5 others at a Halloween party on early Saturday morning.  Security camera video from across the street show the two boys walking up to the closed door of the garage and blind firing 6 shots through the door before running off around the next door house.  The boys are 16 and 17 and their identities have not been released.  They are each charged with intentional homicide and criminal possession of a weapon.  They are held on 500 thousand dollar bail or 1 million dollar bond.

COVID Update: Genesee county has 3 new cases and 2 people have recovered.  5 new people are on travel quarantine.  Orleans county has 6 new cases and 3 new people are on travel quarantine.  1 of the positive cases is a student at Albion elementary school.  The health department says they were not in school 48 hours before becoming symptomatic and there has been no direct contact in school.  There are 7 active cases in Genesee county and 23 in Orleans.

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