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Written by on October 23, 2020

Governor Cuomo announced Thursday that he is weighing the option of changing the way people coming from states that have a 10 percent or higher COVID testing positivity rate are handled when coming into New York state.  Cuomo said they may transition to rapid testing for all people entering the state from quarantine states instead of requiring a 14 day self quarantine.  Cuomo said this after New Jersey and Connecticut began having a high enough rate to warrant the 14 day quarantine for travelers and Cuomo said it would be impossible to ask them to quarantine as so much work travel goes between New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The governors of New Jersey and Connecticut said they will change how they handle the quarantines to adjust which states are on the list.

There is a Pro-Trump pro 2nd Amendment and pro police rally Saturday starting at 3:15 in the afternoon in front of the Batavia City hall.  The Rolling Patriots will start out at Walmart at 2 o clock and do a slow parade to City Hall where there will be speakers including pastors.  Care a Van ministries and Extreme Streetwear will be there.  At 330 there will be a march down main street and Batavia police will be blocking off the roads.  This event is organized by Anne Scalia the head of Glow4Babies.

COVID Update: Genesee county has 0 new positive cases and 8 new people are on travel quarantine.  1 of the people who tested positive on Wednesday is a resident at premiere Genesee.  Orleans county has 1 new case and 8 new people are on travel quarantine.  Genesee county has 7 active cases and Orleans has 23.

The NTSB has released its preliminary report on what lead up to the plane crash that killed Steve Barnes and His niece in Pembroke NY on October 2nd.  Investigators say before the plane started to fall, Barnes, who was piloting the plane, told a radar controller “everything’s fine.”  They say the controller saw the plane falling quickly at a speed of almost 14,000 feet a minute and lost contact with Barnes.  According to the report, the plane made a 360-degree right turn before it lost contact with radar.  The NTSB says they’re still investigating and this is not their final report.

19 year old Olivia Cinquino of Clarence has been charged with petty larceny after she was caught stealing trump signs form front yards.  The person who called police followed Cinquino in their car and when police arrived they saw many signs in her vehicle.

South Byron and Elba Fire departments are both having chicken barbeque fundraisers on Sunday starting at 11:30 till sold out.  Cost is the same, 12 dollars for both.  Go to the Elba firemen’s recreation hall or the South Byron Fire hall to get some chicken!

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