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Written by on October 28, 2020

California has been added to the quarantine list joining 44 other states that qualify for restrictions.  Massachusetts also meets the requirements but joins new jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut as states that are meeting the criteria but will not be on the quarantine list.  Cuomo has announced that he is weighing scrapping the quarantine and implementing rapid covid testing for travelers.

As more and more kids are getting online with or without their parent’s supervision the Batavia Police department has released a video presentation to help parents keep their kids safe from internet predators and prevent sexting and cyber bullying.  The video is available to view on our website

Governor Cuomo says that NY has the 2nd lowest infection rate of all 50 states.  The hot spots are down to 3.8 percent and the state as a whole is at 1.5 percent.  Cuomo cautioned people making plans for Thanksgiving that they should not travel across state lines or they would have to quarantine.  Cuomo warns that small gatherings can spread covid as much as large gatherings.

COVID Update: Genesee county has 4 new cases ad 25 new people on travel quarantine.  Orleans County has 6 new cases and 4 new people are on travel quarantine.  9 people in Orleans county have recovered.  There are 14 active cases in Genesee county and 34 in Orleans.  The Genesee Orleans health departments announced yesterday that a wedding in clarendon on the 17th is the source for many covid cases and they are asking people who went to the wedding to contact the health department.

Schools are warning parents who have remote learning at home to be on guard for fake school workers.  A man in Scottsville went to a students home and identified themselves as a school worker and said their child was supposed to go on a field trip with them.  They were asked to leave and police were called.  The man was described as Caucasian, in his 40s about 200 lbs, balding with glasses and driving a dark gray Honda Civic.

A nationwide poll has found that bills fans, specifically the bills mafia ranks number 3, in complaining.  According to MI Bets, the Bills fan base ranks third in the NFL among fans who complain the most behind the New England Patriots at number two, and the Dallas Cowboys at number one.  The poll surveyed 5000 NFL fans from around the country.

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