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Written by on November 17, 2020

Batavia’s Original, Bourbon and Burger, and The Harvester Tavern have all had warnings put out about someone who was infected with COVID 19 being there for a period of time.  For the Harvester, the most recent case, the person was there from the 8th all the way though the 14th, at Bourbon and Burger a person who tested positive was there Thursday 10-4, Friday 2-9, Saturday 10 to 4 and Monday 4-8 although the owner says that he person was not there for 2 days before testing positive and is not thought to have been at the restaurant while infectious. Batavia’s original had several employees test positive and will be closed down till Friday at least.  If you have been at any of these restaurants during these times or at Batavia’s Original before the weekend please monitor yourself for COVID symptoms for the next 2 weeks.

COVID Update: there have been 78 new Cases reported Friday through Monday afternoon in Genesee county 31 people have recovered.  2 of the active cases are residents at The Grand and 1 is a resident at the VA Medical Center.  25 new cases are reported in Orleans county and 18 have recovered.  2 of the new cases are residents at the Villages of Orleans.  One staff member at Medina Central School has tested positive and gone on quarantine.  There are 142 active cases in Genesee county, 99 more cases than at the highest point in April, and 70 in Orleans.

During the month of October US Customs and Border Protection Officers seized almost 2 million dollars worth of fake and illegal goods being shipped in through the Rochester greater international airport.  These include fake clothing and watches or other copyright infringing goods and drug paraphernalia.

The recovery station at 5256 Clinton St Rd in Batavia is hosting an alcohol and drug-free social event on Nov. 25 designed for inviting adults who are interested in social interactions and events featuring movies, ping-pong, darts, karaoke, arcade games and much more to gather and discover recovery.  Open to community members 18 years of age and older, the activity will kick off a monthly activity known as Lighthouse Lounge at the center, a program of Genesee/Orleans Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse.  Social distancing, mask wearing and occupancy guidelines will all be observed.  The event is for 5-8pm.

The Oakfield Betterment Committee is holding a Christmas decorating contest for Oakfield and Alabama Residents.   Registration is by the betterment committees website or Facebook page and closes on December 7th.  The winner gets 100 dollars and the 3 runner ups get a 50 dollar gift card with a choice between local stores and restaurants.

There is a new way to learn new job skills and its free!  Governor Cuomo announced an online program that can teach job skills and allow people to earn certifications with over 4000 free courses and certification programs on Coursera.  If you are unemployed or underemployed you can learn in areas like healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and technologies.  You can get a free account at the New York State department of labor website.

Move over green bean casserole, according to google search research the most popular thanksgiving side dish in the Empire State is mashed sweet potatoes.  Along with Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland and Rhode Island mashed sweet potatoes come in second most popular compared to regular mashed potatoes which 14 states said was their favorite.  Other top sides such as Jell-O, gravy, and sweet potato casserole came in much lower.  The survey was based off of how many google searches were done for recipes for the sides.  Which may just mean that no one needs a recipe for stuffing but need recipes for mashed potatoes.

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