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Written by on January 4, 2021

Governor Andrew Cuomo says that nursing home first stage vaccinations will be completed in the Empire State in 2 weeks but that is far behind predictions and even what other states are achieving.  Florida has 823 people vaccinated per 100000 whereas New York has only 723 per hundred thousand, 14 percent less than the sunshine state, according to the CDC.  Statewide only 46 percent of doses shipped to hospitals have been administered.  Some hospitals are thinking of giving only half doses to speed initial vaccination up.  On the Weekends and holidays far fewer people were being vaccinated.  The governor is calling on the healthcare industry to go faster or face fines.  Several state legislators have called on the government to open 24 hour facilities just for vaccinations.

Are you selling a car yourself?  Watch out for scammers who ask to take a test drive and then never come back.  The New York State Police are warning of people answering used car ads and asking to take a test drive.  Two or more people will go on a test drive with the vehicle for sale. At some point during the test drive, the suspects ask the vehicle owner to step out, stating they hear a weird noise or think something is wrong with the vehicle.  Once the owner steps out of the car, the suspect will drive off with the vehicle and drop the other person or persons off to retrieve the vehicle they drove to the test ride.  This scam has occurred in Livingston, Wayne, Monroe and other counties in the area.

The Bills smacked down the Dolphins ending their season with a big win against a major rival on Sunday 56 to 26.  This is the first time that the Bills have ever swept the Dolphins, the Patriots and the Jets in one season.  The Bills are in the number 2 seed and are set to face off against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday in Buffalo.  6700 fans will be allowed in the stands along with Governor Cuomo although there is a petition with over 7500 signatures to ban Cuomo from attending.

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