Citizens in Batavia’s Special Flood Hazard Area to Receive Flood Insurance Discounts

Written by on March 26, 2019

Press Release:

March 25, 2019, Batavia: The City of Batavia has received notification from FEMA’s NFIP/CRS program that it has meet the recertification requirements for its continued participation in the Community Rating System (CRS). According to Fire Chief and CRS Coordinator Stefano Napolitano. The City will maintain its current Level 7 rating.

This rating will enable those residents and business owners in the City’s Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) to continue to receive 15% discounts on their flood insurance premiums, while those outside the SFHA will receive an additional 5% discount on top of already reduced rates.

In addition to the financial benefit, the CRS aids in improving community flood mitigation efforts. These include: better informed citizens; enhanced public safety, reducing potential damage to property and public infrastructure; avoidance of economic disruption; and protection of the environment. In addition, implementing some CRS activities, such as floodplain management planning can assist a community qualify for certain Federal assistance programs.

This recertification maintains the ground work previously laid out by City management and continues to be an integral part of the City’s comprehensive strategy to improve neighborhoods and the value of City properties.

Chief Napolitano acknowledged that there was a tremendous amount of work to recertify and maintain the Level 7 rating and wanted to acknowledge the efforts of all members of the CRS recertification team, which included himself along with, Fire Department Captain Bob Fix, Floodplain Manager Ron Panek, Inspection Bureau Secretary Meg Chilano and Confidential Secretary Lisa Casey. Napolitano also wanted to acknowledge Erin Pence from the Genesee County Planning Department, who assisted the recertification process with mapping services.

Eugene Jankowski Jr., Council President said, “I would like to acknowledge a job well done to Fire Chief Napolitano and his team. The CRS recertification is a critical component to manage the high cost of flood insurance for our residents in the flood zone.

Lastly, Napolitano points out that the annual CRS recertification process is an on-going and continual. Throughout the year, there will be activities which are vital to maintaining the City’s current level, but also involves researching the readiness and ability to move beyond a Level 7.

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