COVID-19 Daily Briefing May 7, 2020

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May 7, 2020


New Cases

  • As of 2:00 p.m.
    • Genesee County received 4 new positive cases of COVID-19 for a total of 161 positive cases
      • Two of the positive cases reside in Batavia, one resides in Bethany, and one resides in Alabama.
      • Two individuals are in their 30’s, one individual is in their 40’s, and one individual is in their 50’s.
      • Three of the newly positive individuals were on quarantine prior to becoming symptomatic.
      • 2 of the previous positive cases have recovered and have been released from mandatory isolation.
      • 5 of the total active positive cases are hospitalized.
    • Orleans County received 15 new positive case of COVID-19 for a total of 124 positive cases
      • One of the new positive cases resides in Yates, one resides in Shelby, one resides in Albion, one resides in Gaines and one of the new positive cases resides in Kendall.
      • 10 positive cases reside at The Villages of Orleans Health & Rehabilitation Center.
      • The newly positive cases has two individuals in their 30’s, one individual in their 50’s, four individuals in their 60’s, three individuals in their 70’s, five individuals in their 80’s, and one individual in their 90’s.
      • One of the community newly positive individuals was on quarantine prior to becoming symptomatic.
      • 8 of the total active positive cases are hospitalized.
      • We are reporting that an individual (over 65 years of age and who had underlying health conditions) who lived in the community, who had tested positive for COVID-19 has passed away,” stated Paul Pettit, Director of the Genesee & Orleans County Health Departments. “We have also had an individual who lived in The Villages of Orleans Health and Rehabilitation Center pass away. Due to privacy issues, we are not releasing further details about either of these individuals. I would like to express my sincerest sympathy for these individuals’ family and friends.”

Click here to view the Genesee and Orleans County online map of confirmed cases

The facility breakdown is only showing those facilities from where we received a postive swab for COVID-19. Facilities will be added when and if there is a positive case of COVID-19. If a regulated facility from either of our counties is not listed, there are no positive cases of COVID-19 as of the release of this briefing. The local health departments do not have oversight with many regulated facilities, which may include nursing homes, correctional facilities, hospitals, etc.

  • In order to un-PAUSE safely, we need to continue to be intentional about social distancing, properly wearing face coverings, handwashing/sanitizing and limiting time in public. As seen over the last week there have been daily increases in community spread cases of COVID-19. If we see a significant increase in community acquired positive cases it may hinder our ability to move forward and re-open our counties. It is up to each of us individually to adhere to the guidelines in place, this is about respecting others and their safety understanding as we protect others we are protecting ourselves.

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