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Written by on August 13, 2021

COVID Guidance is in for NY schools coming down from the New York State Education Department.  The state’s guidance calls for high-risk sports to be canceled and for extracurricular activities to be held virtually, or to also be canceled, in areas of high community spread unless all participants have been fully vaccinated. The guidance also states people who are fully vaccinated can refrain from quarantine following potential exposure if they are asymptomatic.  The guidance on masks in schools simply reiterates the CDC guidance which says that all teachers, staff and students should wear masks indoors regardless of vaccine status but does not go so far as to insist that NY schools should mask up.  They repeat multiple times that it is up to School Districts to decide for themselves.

The FDA now says that if you have a compromised immune system because of a transplant or your immune system is being suppressed somehow you may be eligible to receive a third COVID vaccine shot.  It’s harder for vaccines to rev up an immune system suppressed by certain medications and diseases, so those patients don’t always get the same protection as otherwise healthy people — and small studies suggest for at least some, an extra dose may be the solution.  This third shot of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines can be done at least 28 days after receiving the 2nd dose.  This is not a booster shot and most likely only applies to 3 percent of the US population.

Lt Governor and soon to be acting Governor Kathy Hochul says she fully expects to put mask mandates in place before the beginning of the school year.  Just 12-days away from becoming governor of New York State Hochul boldly stated on NBC’s Today show children and everyone in schools will be wearing masks.  Hochul says this is only her “opinion” because she does not have the authority to create policy until she is governor.  But  Hochul says this time she wants school districts to be very involved in decision making.

Several Venues and artists are demanding proof of vaccination before fans will be allowed to enter.  Jason Isbell, headliner for the Borderland Festival in East Aurora has said he will refuse to perform unless all fans are vaccinated or have a negative test before the performance.  Other artists like Maroon 5, Dead and Company and Phish are following suit, they will also require a negative test or proof of vaccination.

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