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Written by on April 20, 2021

Did you receive a text message about a package delivery?  You aren’t alone.  Police are warning of a texting scam that asks you to follow a link to receive a package and is being used to steal personal information.  This is a form of what is called “smishing” where a thief sends a text purporting to be from a business or bank or agency in order to trick people into giving them information.  Authorities are saying if you get this text to delete it and not follow the link.

The Canada US border will remain closed at least until the 21st of May due to COVID.  All non essential travel remains banned and has been since March of 2020.  On April 11 dozens of families separated for more than a year by the border closure protested to have families considered essential, so they can travel to see one another but the Canadian Government refuses to open the border.

Genesee county has launched a new website which will allow property owners to get their assessment data online.  This is called the PROS or Property Record Online System.  The online assessment roll system will no longer be used.  Property owners can find the new tool at geneseecounty.prosgar.com or follow the link on wbtai.com.

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