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Written by on June 14, 2021

A fire broke out at a large barn on Warsaw road in Leroy this morning at around 7:30am.  It was a horse barn filled with bales of hay, all animals were out by the time firefighters arrived on the scene.  Leroy Assistant Chief Pfendler talked about the fire.  The attached house was also saved by having a good firewall in place. Alexander, Batavia and Darien Fire Departments responded to requests for aid from LeRoy and Bergen Fire Departments.  Brockport filled in for Leroy’s fire hall while fighting the fire.  The flames were controlled by 9:40.

Gas prices went up by a big jump this week in Batavia.  In Batavia prices are up 6 cents to 3.08.  In New York the average is 3.11 which is 2 cents higher.  The national average is the same as Batavia.  The blame for the higher prices lies with the price of Oil going up to 71 dollars a barrel which hasn’t happened since fall of 2018.

On Saturday Rochester’s Seneca Park Zoo gained a new baby animal.  An 8 week old Snow Leopard cub.  The cub has no name yet and a contest was launched for people to find a name for him.  You can view the cub on Seneca Zoo’s new cub cam, a 24 hour streaming look into the cubs den.  Follow the link on wbtai.com to watch the cub online.  The naming contest will be ended on June 26th.  After that the 5 most popular names will be voted on.

The New York State Fair will be operating at 100 percent capacity in August and September.  The 18 day festival will have everything open according to Governor Cuomo.  Social distancing will be encouraged at times when it is possible, and unvaccinated visitors will be asked to wear masks. Individuals’ vaccine status will not be checked; the fair will operate on an honor system.  Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo also announced Monday that the state is working with six upstate transit agencies to provide a free, unlimited seven-day public transit pass to anyone who gets vaccinated between Monday through July 14.

Today is the day for the flag to fly.  The new flag designed by Alexander 8th grader Riley Wall for Genesee county which depicts an ear of corn against a blue and green field being held up by 2 hands, one dark skinned and one light skinned.  The flag will fly at the Alexander Courthouse all day today.

You may have heard honking and some loud noises Sunday afternoon and perhaps seen a caravan of cars and trucks with American flags coming off the highway and heading toward the Batavia Veterans Home.  This was the rolling Patriots and Patriot Guard Riders escorting the Save Our Seniors and SOS Air Band who went to the veterans home to serenade the residents with 1950’s rock music and honor them for their service.  See pictures from the event on our news partner the Batavian.

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