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Written by on January 15, 2021

Health director Paul Petit says that the county is ready to administer far more doses than we are getting right now, up to 600 doses a day, 3 days a week.  Right now the county is getting only 300 doses a week.  This week the state government opened vaccination up to about a third of the 19 million people in New York State but 90 percent of counties are not done vaccinating the first group of people who were authorized to receive it.  There are about 13 thousand people locally who are eligible to receive the vaccine.  Petit hopes that the state will fix the distribution slowdowns so the counties can speed up the administering of the vaccine.

COVID Update:  Genesee county has 49 new cases and 66 people have recovered.  10 people are hospitalized.  We are saddened to report 2 people at Premier Genesee nursing home have passed away.  Orleans county has 50 new cases and 34 people have recovered.  17 people are hospitalized.  2 of the new cases are at Orchard Rehab and Nursing.  There are 204 active cases in Genesee county, down from 227 yesterday and 268 In Orleans county up from 254.

Governor Cuomo has announced a proposal to make it illegal for persons with active warrants to purchase a gun.  This would close a federal loophole that made the law only apply to those who went across state lines while they were wanted for a federal crime.  The proposed legislation would immediately flag a person with an active warrant so they could not be sold a gun.

The Buffalo Bills are playing in primetime tomorrow night but you can’t watch the game to the end at a restaurant in New York.  Restauranteurs have been petitioning Governor Cuomo to lift the 10 pm curfew so they could let people watch the playoff game while they enjoyed their meals.   This lift has not been granted so fans should be ready to high tail it home at half time to finish out the game.

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