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Written by on July 2, 2021

Congressman Chris Jacobs is back from the border and he says what he saw there is a stark contrast from his trip in 2019.  Jacobs said that “he was here in 2019, the successful policies implemented by President Trump were working effectively to deter illegal immigration, and Border Patrol was supported and given the resources needed to protect our border.”  Now the Department of Homeland Security is reporting three consecutive months of 170,000+ apprehensions of illegal immigrants. In May alone there were over 180,000 encounters, representing a new 20-year record.  Jacobs says that now the policies are weakened and the CBP is understaffed and underfunded so “it has become common practice in this region for the cartel to traffic and abandon a large group of children at one gap in the wall to occupy Border Patrol agents while they then move to another gap to smuggle drugs and dangerous criminals across the border.”  Jacobs says the Biden administration is to blame.

There are jobs available at Fantasy Island amusement park.  Indiana Beach Parks and Entertainment has posted job openings for ticket sales, maintenance mechanics, park service attendants, security officers, and lifeguards for the Splash World portion of the park.  A representative of the company says that they are hoping to open the water park this summer.

There are now 2 empty seats on the Batavia School Board.  Brenda Good, who was elected to the board of trustees, tendered her resignation to pursue a position in administration with the Batavia City School district.  Good’s resignation comes after last month’s resignation by Peter Cecere, so there are now two vacant positions on the board.   It will be up to the remaining trustees to fill the vacancies and the district has posted a call for candidates.

The concert to be held at the Jackson Square tonight has been moved into the city center Mall because of bad weather.  The performers for tonight are the Old Hippies and the festivities are set to start at 7pm

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