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Written by on June 13, 2019

The New York State Senate is considering a bill that would end the state’s religious exemption for vaccines. It’s a measure some lawmakers have come to support in response to the ongoing measles outbreak that’s greatly affected parts of Rockland County and Brooklyn, especially in Orthodox Jewish communities. Experts say in order for a population to maintain “herd immunity” and protect the most vulnerable, healthy people must be properly vaccinated. Opponents of the bill say it should be their decision whether or not to vaccinate their kids, with some comparing it to the abortion debate, using the “my body my choice” terminology.

R. Stephen Hawley (R-Batavia)

Batavia Assemblyman Steve Hawley critical of his colleagues for voting in favor of the so-called Green Light Bill.
That’s the measure allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses in New York.
Hawley said, quote: “Felons get pay raises, illegals get driver’s licenses and sex offenders get voting rights.”
Hawley concluded that “this is a step toward allowing illegals to vote in our elections.”
Governor Cuomo says he’d sign the legislation if it gets to his desk.

New York State lawmakers are one step closer to ending the so-called “Pink Tax.” The Assembly has passed a bill that would prevent businesses for charging different prices for similar products that are branded separately for men and women.
This would include products like razors and shampoo.
The legislation now heads to the Senate with the legislative session ending next week. Supporters of the bill call the “pink tax” discriminatory.

The International Joint Commission has delayed a meeting on the future of water levels in Lake Ontario. The Buffalo News reports officials considered holding the meeting yesterday, but are now looking to discuss the issue in the coming days. Members are expected to talk about the future of Plan 2014, which manages water levels but allows greater fluctuations within them. Some have said the plan is responsible for devastating flooding along the shoreline.

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