Weekend News Brief

Written by on April 3, 2021

Ellicott street has been run down for a long time in the area where Santy’s Tire Sales used to be and Savarino Company of buffalo says it may be only a short time before something is done with that parcel.  Savarino’s says they are trying to get a grant from the New York State Homes and community Renewal to turn it into a retail, housing and entertainment development complex and may close as early as May.  The $22.5 million project calls for construction of a five-story apartment building with 55 new, modern workforce housing units, as well as a brewery, restaurant/beer garden and potential further development on 3.31 acres. It is expected to create 20 jobs in the city’s downtown area.

The CDC has updated its guidance for travel to say that those who have been fully vaccinated and waited the 2 weeks for the vaccine to take effect can travel freely within the US without being tested for COVID or quarantining when they arrive in different states or when they return home.  They still caution that mask wearing and social distancing will be important.  The CDC still recommends that international travelers get tested and quarantine citing variants that exist in other countries which may be resistant to the vaccine.

COVID Update from Friday at 4pm: Genesee county has 13 new cases and 10 people have recovered.  8 people are hospitalized/  Orleans county has 10 new cases and 4 people have recovered.  3 people are hospitalized.  There are 68 active cases in Genesee county and 53 in Orleans.  Nearly 10 thousand people in Genesee County have been fully vaccinated which is roughly 1/6th of the population.  In Orleans county almost 6 thousand people or 1/7th of the population have been fully vaccinated.  New York State surged ahead in the percentage of the population who had been fully dosed this week with 19.1 percent.  New York now ranks 13th in the US by percent.  New Mexico is still in the lead with 25 percent.

Be careful when you step out your front door.  A family in Holley learned that lesson when they stepped out on their concrete front porch only for it to collapse under them into a 10 foot deep hole.  The porch was only a 2 foot by 6 foot stoop between the door and front yard and is only about 6 inches off the ground but collapsed into the space between the foundation and basement.  Structural engineers say the metal holding the concrete slab up deteriorated leading to the father and son falling in as it gave way beneath them.  The concrete folded over on the father and pinned him, he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.  His son had an ankle injury.

Thursday the 8th at 7pm is the next trivia night at the Holland Land office Museum and the topic will be the life and works of the Bard, William Shakespeare.  The next event on the schedule is April 4th with a presentation by James Black on the edged weapons of the Civil War.  You can attend either event in person or Via zoom or facebook live.  Seating is limited to 12 people in person at each event.

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