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Written by on October 16, 2021

O-At-Ka Milk Products is spending 20-30 thousand dollars a day trucking waste water away from Batavia as their waste is too contaminated to go into the City’s Waste treatment ponds.  The city says they need to fix the waste or the city taxpayers will have to pay fines from the state.  O-At-Ka CEO Bill Schrieber disagrees.  Schrieber says it is right in their contract that they are responsible for paying the fines and are able to do so till they can fix the water issue.  Earlier this week, City Manager Rachel Tabelski said the city cannot allow  willful violations of permits for the waste water treatment plant.  Shrieber says the city has been unwilling to sit down and talk about the issue.  Schreiber says the company is seeking a “bridge” to get through the next several weeks and the city appears unwilling to cooperate.

The Spotted lantern fly is a pest and a plague on crops says Us Representative Joe Morelle.  He announced he has secured 4 million dollars to keep lanternflies from spreading and damaging crops.  Experts say if you happen to see a spotted lanternfly you’re advised to take a photo, report the location to the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets and then kill it.

The body that was recovered from the Niagara river on Thursday has been identified as the boy who fell into the river while fishing with his father.  15 year old Kameron Stenzel of Sanborn and his father were fishing at Whirlpool state Park when he slipped and fell into the water and never resurfaced.  Canadian authorities located the body near Niagara on the Lake.

November 8th will be the day when fully vaccinated Canadians can once again cross over to the US using the land bridges.  The reopening will take place in two phases. Phase one will open the border to nonessential travel from Canada and Mexico in November. The second phase starts in January and will allow travel through land and ferry ports of entry from other foreign nationals.

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