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Written by on September 27, 2022

1934 – C.L. Carr – Obsolete Scrip

The Carr’s Reborn project for the former C.L. Carr Department Store on Main Street has met another goal to get their project moving. Approved by the Downtown Revitalization Initiative Committee earlier this month, the project received approval by the City Council last night and account for $1,000,000 of a Restore NY grant application that totals $2 million. No one spoke during a public hearing about the application, and City Council later voted to pursue the grant. The former Carr’s site is expected to accommodate several upper floor apartments with business and office use on the ground floor.


Power companies like National Grid are predicting that winter heating costs will rise again this year by at least 39 percent. For many homes already struggling with food and gas prices, the increase in heating costs are likely to have a significant impact. Starting November 1st applications for Home Energy Assistance Program benefits will be accepted. If you are eligible your household will automatically be enrolled in National Grid’s Energy Affordability Program. Check in with Genesee County’s department of social services to help determine eligibility.



The New York State Department of Health has launched a new website to support Empire State residents who are dealing with the effects of long COVID. The website provides a variety of information such as how people can seek treatment from healthcare providers. Officials say anyone who tests positive for COVID-19, even kids, is at risk of getting long COVID and symptoms could last for months. It is recommended everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated against the coronavirus receive their shots and an updated booster to avoid getting seriously ill. Here is a direct link to their website:



Unemployment insurance fraud has cost state taxpayers $11,000,000 every month so far this year…that totals $110 million. Governor Hochul explained that this means there are people who are working and also collecting unemployment. A new system will soon be in place to identify people who are scamming and get the money back. People found to have been working will be given a chance to explain and then, if their explanation doesn’t legitimately support also receiving unemployment benefits, their wages can be garnished or they can be turned over to law enforcement.




The largest planet in the solar system will be closer to Earth tonight than it will be at any time over the next 1000 years. You can find Jupiter in the east after sunset. It’s hard to miss, even from a light-polluted city, as it will be the brightest object in the sky. As the night progresses, it rises higher into the sky, eventually appearing in the southeast around 11 p.m. It hasn’t been this visible since 1963.


“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket.” – Will Rogers

Another Mega Millions drawing has come and gone without a winner and that means the jackpot is still on the rise. Whoever picks all of the correct numbers ahead of tonight’s drawing will be able to claim at least $325,000,000. However, the odds of winning the game’s top prize are an astronomical one in 302,000,000. A ticket costs $2 and anyone who wants to watch the drawing live can do so online. Please play responsibly.

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