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Written by on September 11, 2020

With the deer management committee gone the Batavia city police department will be put in charge of handling the overgrown population of pests in the city of Batavia.  The police will select an officer to take point on the management and will handle applications, qualify participants, and schedule when they can cull the herd.  There are a couple of changes to the plan that was formulated by a group of 5 and submitted on August 3rd.  That group abruptly resigned august 13th after having reportedly grown frustrated with a lack of communication from the city council after the resignation of the city manager.  Some changes include hunters needing to reside within the city of Batavia or be a member of the federation of sportsmen or be a city employee and any language .about the deer management committee being changed.

Assemblyman Steve Hawley has released the results of his annual survey of residents in his district and it shows that western NY and Albany don’t agree about several things. 93 percent of those surveyed were against the new bail reforms which have released criminals back onto the streets sometimes to go on and recommit those crimes within hours of being arrested, 88 percent were against the green light laws which made it so illegal aliens or undocumented immigrants could get drivers licenses, 97 percent did not want those same people to be able to vote and 87 percent did not want felons to be able to vote.  The “Two New York’s solution” which would presumably split NYC off from New York State had support of 81 percent or western New Yorkers.

Northgate Free Methodist Church is starting up its small group programs once again.  The church on Bank St has many help groups for those dealing with grief, divorce, addiction and also has mothers of preschoolers.  Check their website or The Batavian for details about these groups.  Whatever life throws at you, there is no reason you have to go it alone

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